Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1st out of town ride...

Call this a warm up for my next years IMSA tour... 1st out of town ride this pass weekend, just a click under 200 miles, 3 hour time... one way, then the return the next day.

Things I learned on my very first distance ride?

1) I hate full face helmets, I know their safe and better for you but my face sweat so much my sunglasses fogged up, and once I had to pull over to wipe sweat from my eyes, but then when I got home I noticed all the bugs on the shield that would of been in my face, so I'm undecided on a half or full in the future..

2) I should always wear a long sleeve shirt at minimum, should invest in a nice motorcycle jacket but that would of been hot as hell, I was already hot with just a T-shirt on with a leather vest over it. 5 of the 6 hours of riding was cloudy, but I had 1 hour of Florida sunshine and got my arms burnt.

3) If you do a lot of highway driving, even with a pretty good sound system, really couldn't hear the music or voice commands from my GPS. I had the settings with all sound coming out of the speakers, may have to change that to in helmet speakers in the future.

4) Even thou my Harley has a nice hands free system, and/or all the controls on grips, it was still a little confusing to use stuff while riding, but that may just be inexperience, definitely need to learn to use the voice command system.

5) and finally, thou it was a good ride, but not very scenic, a lot of my time was spent on concentrating on what I was doing, what lane I was in, what part of the lane, road hazards, other drivers, what is that guy going to do, does he see me etc etc it was actually very tiring to ride, but again that's probably due to lack of experience and should get better in time, and more scenic openings.

The start:

Iron Maiden concert, the reason for the trip

My dirty girl


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